Funny Stories & Memories

Collapsing table of beer…

Many of us will remember Murph’s 21st in his mum and dad’s garden with all his mates and family.

Tony had set up a ‘wallpaper pasting table’ to handle the booze that the family provided and people brought. That turned out to be a misjudgement!

The table promptly collapsed under the weight and there was a rescue mission to save the booze!

Tony got told to go bed after a few too many wines, got red wine on his white top, and was asking everyone if they wanted a blow on his digeridoo!

We all had a great time! I can still remember the fun we had.

Happy days…

Chris's Music

You Couldn’t Make it up…

Almost a year on from losing Murph, we get some ‘good’ news from the coroners inquest into his death, with hope that someone will be held to account.

As his family and friends go to the old haunt of ‘The Barley Mow’ for a beer (courtesy of his dad Tony (thank you!)), when it comes time for many people to leave, a familiar tune is recognised from the duke box.

The duke box is completely on random, so what’s the chances of hearing the Black Crowes’ tune ‘She Talks to Angels’ at that very moment (never mind, in general).

We used to play this in the band BZ, and Murph loved the Black Crowes.

It sent chills to a few of us followed by a grin and some table tapping at the right moments.

‘You couldn’t have made it up’

Well in Murph…