Funny Stories & Memories

Major and Minor……..

Me and Our Kid used to be back and to to Cornwall like a fiddlers elbow. I do remember once getting the coach down to come and see him (when he lived in the flat above Fat Willys on Fore Street Newquay…I think a few people may have some good memories of that place…more posts to follow!) When I arrived on the doorstep, Our Christopher asked me if the bus had passed through St. Columb Major. I said that it had, and he gave me a cheeky laugh and replied “Only in Cornwall would you get places named after musical notation…St. Columb Major and St. Columb Minor…..” I know he knew the difference but everything was about the choons back then. We then proceeded to get mashed and laugh at the people staggering out of Sailors across the Road.( How many times did I do that?) Next day he was set to go to work in the Headland Hotel as a KP. I, being the “sensible” one told him to set his alarm as I didn’t want to be blamed for the reason he was not going into work that day. He replied that there was no need as the arcade across the road opened at ten am, and the noise emmanating from the machines was enough to make anyone get up and outa bed. Needless to say we didn’t get up and continued the session in the Vic Bars at Noon. Those were the days.

Funny Stories & Memories


The “Garden Shed” was my refuge as a teenager. As My little bro’s  so called clean cut sister, I would pop out to see how the “game of cards” was progressing on a regular basis. Once when the folks were on their hols, my nan was posted on guard to make sure that we didn’t get into trouble while the folks were away. We would sit in that shed for hours getting up to no good while she intermittently knocked on the door to say that she “didn’t like the smell of the candles” we were burning in my Grandad’s shed.

And Yes Matty Mac, I do remember getting off the bus from College to see you n our kid performing the latest musical creations on our kitchen roof extension. How we all laughed at the incessant ringing of the phone as the next door neighbours and other members of the Grove tried to RING!!!! and tell us to quit the racket. Me mam however soon put a stop to the musical extravaganza when the 586 bus rounded the corner, and as she got off at the end of Harpers Road and saw the display of talent, made haste towards the source of the spectacle that was coming from the rear of our house. I have never seen anyone pack up their gear and scarper (through a bathroom window none the less) at a quicker speed. Those were the days x