Chris's Music

3 hours

A mix of tunes selected by many and compiled by myself which was played at Chris’ wake.

All of the music in this mix was picked as it was part of the soundtrack to his and our lives, or one of his favourites, or he covered it in one of his bands, learned it on guitar, or for some other random reason.

All of you will have certain tunes that will always remind you of Chris. Many of them won’t even feature in this mix. But please add them to the list. Whether you knew him as Christopher, Chrissy John, Chris, Murph, Shake or various other daft nicknames, this collection of songs encapsulates a lot of his history & his spirit. Hear it. Raise a glass. Light a cigarette. Rock n roll. Peace & Love

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Chris's Music

You Couldn’t Make it up…

Almost a year on from losing Murph, we get some ‘good’ news from the coroners inquest into his death, with hope that someone will be held to account.

As his family and friends go to the old haunt of ‘The Barley Mow’ for a beer (courtesy of his dad Tony (thank you!)), when it comes time for many people to leave, a familiar tune is recognised from the duke box.

The duke box is completely on random, so what’s the chances of hearing the Black Crowes’ tune ‘She Talks to Angels’ at that very moment (never mind, in general).

We used to play this in the band BZ, and Murph loved the Black Crowes.

It sent chills to a few of us followed by a grin and some table tapping at the right moments.

‘You couldn’t have made it up’

Well in Murph…

Chris's Music

We nearly heard it…

For those who went to send Murph off at the crematorium, you’ll know he must have been laughing his head off when there was a power cut at the crem and the whole proceedings ground to a halt. Typical Murph.

Vicky was a star and stood in with a few live tunes but here’s the tune he would have been sent off to.

I can’t find a video of it but the tune is probably more significant on it’s own, with our own memories filling in the void of the video. He wouldn’t have chose a better tune himself.

The sunshine of your smile by Chas ‘n’ Dave…

Chas & Dave – The Sunshine Of Your Smile



Chris's Music

Love/ Hate

I didn’t realise how many memories this would bring back. The BZ boys jamming in my mums front room. I think a few of these even got played in a gig or two (as well as Terry’s music rooms);


Chris's Music

Love/Hate – Tranquilizer

Chris recorded a version of the intro to this song for a music composition assignment at either school or college.  Told them he wrote it too.  I only hope it still exists on a tape or disc somewhere; there are few things in life I would appreciate more than to getting my ears around that recording someday.  A lost treasure.