BZ BoyZ – 27/08/2005

F**k Nose

This pic is from the day after my wedding -which was also on Chris’ birthday.  I was unwashed and still wearing all my wedding gear, and a big chufty badge.  I’d been at the venue finishing off the burgers and drinking mead all day and we all ended up meeting in the Blue Bell for a couple more to end the weekend in style (it was bank holiday monday the day after, so all the more reason to prolong the festivities).  We rang Matty Mac on the off chance he could make it out, thankfully he could, and it was great to see him.  It was a mellow one with a good few laughs, and for me a good comedown from all of the hype and emotion of the wedding week.  As far as I know, this is the last pic ever taken with all the boys from Necropolis BZ, featuring Ste & me still tickled by the rude gesture my pal Emma had taught us at the wedding.