3 hours

A mix of tunes selected by many and compiled by myself which was played at Chris’ wake.

All of the music in this mix was picked as it was part of the soundtrack to his and our lives, or one of his favourites, or he covered it in one of his bands, learned it on guitar, or for some other random reason.

All of you will have certain tunes that will always remind you of Chris. Many of them won’t even feature in this mix. But please add them to the list. Whether you knew him as Christopher, Chrissy John, Chris, Murph, Shake or various other daft nicknames, this collection of songs encapsulates a lot of his history & his spirit. Hear it. Raise a glass. Light a cigarette. Rock n roll. Peace & Love

Link – https://www.mixcloud.com/robkahunabob/murf-mixtape/