Newquay 94.

Classic times. Coming of age holiday on a shoestring. Blind Melon on the stereo. Tents pitched at Sandry’s. Tattoos. Piercings. Scrumpy. Grunge nights. And a fair bit of sunshine! In fact, one of these sunny days, after dyeing his hair red, Chris decides he is going to attempt to emulate a negative of Phil Anselmo’s famous “UNSCARRED” tattoo on his own midriff using sunblock and sunburn. Or maybe it was permanent marker, can’t quite remember. We are all fully supportive of this quest, and watch intently as he starts writing it across his body… U, N,(swig of cider) S, (Cig Break), A “awww shit I missed out the C!!! HAHAHAHHAHA, Oh well…” and on he went, changing the word to UNSACRILIGIOUS instead, which was so long it ended up going halfway round the left side of his back! Much to our amusement.

Later we went into town for real tattoos. Chris did not enjoy his in the slightest and spent the duration of the inking grimacing, contorting his lips, threatening to walk away and repeatedly asking Steve when he was gonna finish. Afterwards, he swore never to have another tattoo. Here’s a worried before pic…..