Funny Stories & Memories

Ste Chris & Matt Rap

St Oswalds 4th Year juniors. The stutter rap was just out. see link below

Chris thought it would be a good idea for him me and Ste to do our own version. ” Ste, Chris & Matt’s Rap Station”

Cant remember it all but this was doffo in it

“Ste, Chris & Matt’s Rap station is here and,

Rapping is our claim to fame

But the teachers just think that were a pain

Once you’ve heard this song then dont get bored

Go out and buy the Record”

It seemed to do the trick & get us lots of girl attention at the time.

Funny Stories & Memories

Chris’s Shed

We all used to hang out in Chris’s shed for Summer. (Like Dawsons Creek – We’ll always have the Summer)

 Chris’s shed was the coolest space to hang because it was all done up with G-N-R posters and JackDaniels – Warrington Rugby posters – When we were the Wire & not the wolves.

Great times hanging around teaching each other guitar licks and pretending we were the Rolling Stones or Guns and Roses.

We once did an impromptu gig on the roof of the kitchen for anyone that happened to be walking past.  We felt like the Beatles playing the roof gig they did – wouldnt have sounded that good but it didnt matter we were having a good laugh.