Chris got locked into the Gypsy Tavern after Andy Farted!

Most of us will have experienced the horror of an Andy fart, but this time Andy let rip in the smallest pub known to man – ‘The Gypsy Tavern’…

In no time the pub was emptied apart from the weak and the guilty, leaving Andy and Murph to to choke on the hazardous fumes, barricaded in by the mighty foot of Ann-Marie and a cackling sidekick.

After a futile escape Murph took refuge by sticking his head out of the pub’s frosted window – which was in fact a work of art… I wonder if the window frosting is still in tact or if Murph had to lovingly restore it to it’s former glory for the housing association inspectors?

… Yes I know that’s not how you spell ‘Gypsy’ but I don’t tell you how to spell your pet’s names or the names of your pubs, and it was spelt that way on purpose because it made my cat and the pub exotic.

x Jen