Smooth operator

I met Chris for the first time at Jen and Ste’s wedding, how cute did he look in his suit? Towards the end of the night and following lots of drinking and dancing a crowd of us moved to the ‘lounge bar’ having sniffed out a possible late drink. Chris was suitably popped up and grinning like a cheshire cat right at my mum! Oh no had Chris taken a liking to Anne? Yes I’m afraid he had, but would he act upon this? Yes he would. In top flirting mode and puckering up Chris smiled at Anne and said “F*%king alright, you’re alright you monkey’s mam” to which my dad replied “I know that’s why she’s with me”, we all started laughing, Chris continued to grin at Anne, Anne looked chuffed and my dad looked concerned about the bar shutters being down. This didn’t deter Chris in any way as he went in search of a beer, up went the shutters with a crash, bang wollop as the glasses hanging above the bar smashed. We all cheered and Jen raised her glass, a cracked glass!

I’ll always remember Chris and chuckle when I think of that night, Anne remembers him as the cheeky one that tried to kiss her, whilst Frank remembers him as the one that was that drunk he fancied Anne!

God bless mate you’ll always be a legend,

Monkey, Anne & Frank x