Aint no Pleasin you…

I had one of the greatest days of my life with Chris when we went to see Chas n Dave perform in Liverpool in the Summer pops Festival in 2008.  We caught the train from Central in the morning and got to Lime Street.  Not knowing how heavily policed the station was going to be, I  had some “Items” on my person that the police Sniffer dogs may have cottoned on to, and would have put a swift end to the day. Murph quickly hatched a plan to get me passed without detection and as we approached the exit, Murph swiftly made a bee line for the dog and in a strange wiggle of his arse, distracted the hound and bemused the stone faced officer with a Mick Jagger-esque impersonation.

Straight out of the station and into the nearest offy to pick up 4 cans of Holsten Pils each and we headed down to the various stages with some really good Cream and Roxy Music cover bands.  A few cans and other “items”  well in the system,  the sun beamed down as Chaz Hodges and Dave Peacock owned the whole city centre and replaced the words to “Margate” with “bootle”, much to the crowds delight.

Safe to say, when they ripped into London Girls, one voice in the crowd could be heard above the rest…..