The Snowman

My best memory’s of Chris was playing in ‘The Strewth’ but there was one Saturday night in the Bluebell. We went out after the gig for drinks and on the way home to my caravan Chris Snuck into the Halliwell Jones stadium- we were both going to  run on the pitch for the fun off it. I followed him down some corridors towards but then turned back as was to scared to go on (chicken). Chris wasn’t too scared though and carried on with the mission. while I walked outside and around the main path, i got to a side entrance wondering where he was.  I was just in time to see him walking through the air, well maybe flying through the air, and through the big blue side doors courtesy of 2 angry faced security guards. He landing on the floor in front of me whilst giving the fat heads some abuse. We walked home laughing to meet Tom and when we got there Chris tripped on a guitar lead and fell on top of the Christmas tree, squashing lots of pressies :0 Dont worry though it was only a cheapo tree….. the whole thing bent in half! happy days.