chris murphy


Chris was taken from all who loved him on  20th August 2011.

This website is intended to celebrate the life of Chris, by his family and friends, as they remember him.

NOTE: This is a happy website where we can come to smile about Chris and his antics. Please, no doom and gloom messages on here!

On the top right hand side of this page you’ll see categories that people can write or post their funny memories, videos and pictures of Chris as well as any music that he listened to or played.

The categories are as follows, as well as links to their pages;

Anyone can read the content on this site and share the funny memories of Chris but you must register to add your own content.

Either, feel free to browse our memories of Chris of if you want to get involved see below;


How to get started, so that you can add your own celebrations of Chris’s life on this website;

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How to add your own content to the website;
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