Don’t Touch Me!

You might not know this but Daz and Murf were so intimate they once shared a bed.

When we lived in the caravan instead of splashing out on a B&B Daz and Murf decided to kip with us in our 12ft caravan with portaloo, water from a pump, and curtain for a dividing wall between the living quarters.

We did not get much sleep due to the fact that all night all you could hear was Murf giggling and saying ‘Don’t touch me’ and calling Daz a ‘Puff’.

Just when we thought we had all finally got to sleep he would shout ‘Innnn One!’, ‘One-hundred-and-eighty!’ or ‘and Bullies special prize’!

Me and Ste didn’t get much sleep that night… having said that we did have the champion snorer in the caravan that night as well (that’s Daz not me).